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 Remember, last year I told you about the 2018 harvest and the magnificent harvest which nature has given us.
An exceptional harvest, which we are not ready to review. When the "bar" approaches the summits, the sequence of events is necessarily down, one might think. This was without counting on the tremendous efficiency of Vincent, our patron saint who protects the vines and the work of the winemakers. We also celebrated it with dignity on January 22.
The grapes of 2019 will remain in our memory for a long time, for their exceptional qualities, rich in sugars, for the aromas and complexity and in acid, for the finesse and the keeping of the wines. The latter after tasting confirm their admirable potential.
For them, the adventure is just beginning,
Sixty years ago 1959 was already a very good year. My affection for the 9 years is not about to die out.
Like these last two harvests, in terms of the future, we can expect the worst, but let's not forget that the best is always in ambush.
I wish you all to be surprised by the best.

                                                               DOMINIQUE LAGACHE






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