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Sir, Madam,

For the winegrower that I am, time is counted in the harvest. Those of 2020 are in line with the previous two, they were exceptional. This last word has for synonyms: unique.

2018, 2019 & 2020 therefore makes three unique harvests, this is undoubtedly the exception that proves the rule and of this exception we are not complaining.

For the man that I am time goes by in the year and that of 2020 turns out to be an exception that we would have done without.
The economic crisis and social distancing have deprived us of carelessness and friendliness, making it difficult to have fun.

Despite this, many of you have stocked up on Champagne Lagache Lecourt, to share moments of happiness in a small circle, by obligation. As a result, our champagne has played its role of bringing pleasure. Yours and mine. In this I am grateful to you.

The return to normal, which will eventually return will always be too long and gradual. In the meantime, I wish you to keep your health and morale.

More than ever, I wish that this coming year will be favorable, beautiful and that it will keep you in good health.
Thank you for your loyalty.

                                                               DOMINIQUE LAGACHE





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03 26 54 86 79
06 76 86 53 91
       06 61 32 01 32
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29, rue du Maréchal Juin 51530 CHAVOT FRANCE
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